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Issue 7 | October 2014


Fresh With Edge: Bringing locally-grown to new heights
Horticulture Industry Optimistic About Potential of LEDs
Maximize Your Plants’ Growth with Supplemental CO2
The Ohio State University Tomato Production Survey
International Conf. of Controlled Environment Agriculture


Issue 6 | July 2014

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Bringing Locally Grown Food and Produce to Chicago
Japan’s Plant Factories Providing Safe, Reliable Food
It Takes Commitment to Grow Organically
Is the Moon the Key to Sustainability on Earth?
International Conf. of Controlled Environment Agriculture


Issue 5 | April 2014

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Vertical Farming Competes with Conventional Ag
More Research Focusing on Greenhouse Food Crops
The Nuances of Crop Fertilization

Issue 4 | December 2013

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Getting Serious about Hydroponic Vegetable Production
Making IPDM Work
Is Water Treatment in Your Future?
Urban Farming in Tokyo

Issue 3 | July 2013

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Greenhouse Lighting Options
Aquaponics: Surf and Turf
Striving to Achieve Success in the Greenhouse Industry, Bryan Hart
Love of Agriculture Realized in Hydroponic Greenhouse Operation

Issue 2 | April 2013

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Overcoming the Obstacles of Growing Organically
Vertical Farming: Efficient & Cost-Effective Alternative
Growing Green

Issue 1 | January 2013

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Growing Power: An Urban Agriculture Advocate
Planning for Success: Greenhouse Vegetable Operations
GreenPower LED video
Factors to Consider when choosing A Substrate for Lettuce

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